Recently founded in July of 2009, BTECHA (Business Technology Analyst) provides Web professionals unique insights and analysis of business technology trends as they relate to our ever-evolving world of Web and business.

Our goal is to gather a community of like-minded people who are passionate and eager to share their knowledge, experience and opinions on the business impact of web technology trends, both big and small.

About the editor

Daniel DiRico is the chief editor of BTECHA (Business Technology Analyst) and the founder of Boston Digital Media LLC (a digital agency based out of Boston, Massachusetts).

Prior to founding Boston Digital Media, DiRico helped to transform the Web presence for EF Educational ToursĀ (a division of EF Education headquartered in Lucern, Switzerland) by leading and launching multiple, high-profile Website redesigns, collaborating and consulting on Web marketing initiatives and campaigns, and developing improvements to numerous internal web business processes and strategies.

Before his two short years at EF Education (’07-’09) as Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, DiRico worked as a Senior Systems Analyst for Fidelity Investments (’99-’07) providing systems and business analysis for Fidelity.com, 401k.com, and other internally developed financial and corporate benefits software platforms.

Daniel DiRico has worked with and managed various international project teams, based primarily in the U.S.A., India, Europe and Canada and has traveled extensively for both work and pleasure.

BTECHA (Business Technology Analyst) is owned and operated by Boston Digital Media LLC